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A Plus Computer  vs. WOW Computer vs. Telikin vs. My Gait

A Plus Computers

WOW Computer

Telikin Computer

The MyGait computer makes senior computing easy

My Gait

A Plus Computers for Seniors
A Plus Computers are easy to see, easy to use, maintenance free, safe, secure and ready to go right out of the box. The A Plus does everything any other computer can do in a senior-friendly, maintenance free design that includes automatic lifetime virus protection to always keep you safe. It's foolproof design automatically resets itself if you ever have an issue. Powered by Windows so as you progress you'll have the option to add any program, game, printer or device you want. You'll  never outgrow your A Plus Computer!

PROS - The Telikin and the WOW! Computers are the same computers (WOW! is sold by a marketing company) and  are Linux based computers that offers a basic computer experience for seniors with simple needs. Email, surf the web, Video Chat, and a basic word processor.
My Gait uses an overlay to add their own interface for seniors. Ready to go right out of the box. Will work with most printers but won't scan. Only available in one size (19..5" screen).

Telikin, WOW!  and My Gait

CONS - You cannot add your own games, programs or customize the Telikin or WOW computers  The two inch bar along the left side is stationary and takes up valuable screen space. Only works with some HP printers. Standard (not large print) USB keyboard. Can't connect to other devices.
My Gait is not available in a touch screen. You cannot add your own games, programs or customize My Gait at all, web based software only. The track ball is harder to use than a standard mouse. Won't connect to other devices. Large portion of screen used for controls.


A Plus Computers  vs. WOW Computer  vs. Telikin  vs. My Gait


A Plus Computer

WOW Computer

The MyGait computer makes senior computing easy
My Gait

Completely setup and ready to go

Lifetime virus protection included

Easy Email, Internet and games

Built-in webcam with free video chat

Free ShippingNo

Built-in zoom


(Models 5100 & 7300 Laptop
9200 & 9300 Desktops)

Play CD's and DVD's

CD/DVD Player and recorders

(player only)

(player only)

(player only)
Photo sharing
Calendar with reminders
Spell Check
Watch NetflixNoNoNo
Transfer data from old computerNoNoNo

Full Screen for
optimal viewing

Create (burn) your own music, photo and video DVD/CDNoNoNo

Senior Place
News, Sports, Stocks, Weather


Windows Classic Pro*


Install additional programs

Attach any deviceNoNoNo
Laptop models
15.6" and 17.3" sizes

Touch-Screen Laptops

Word Processor and Spreadsheet programsNoNoNo

Unlimited capabilities


Works with any printer


AOL capable


Google Earth


The computer can be such a blessing for seniors, the right computer makes it  fun!

* Both the WOW Computer and the Telikin use the Linux operating system. You cannot add any programs
or change any of the features in either the My Gait, Telikin or The WOW computer. A Plus computers are fully customizable, add any program, printer or device.

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